Eldritch Masters of the Forgotten Realms For Your Next Adventure

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Looking for a powerful Warlock NPC for your next adventure? Take a look at these.


Draygo Quick is an Eldritch Master Warlock from the Shadowfell. He usually dwells in the great city of Gloomwrought, which is said to be the reflection city of Waterdeep. Draygo was powerful enough to single-handedly imprison legendary good-natured drow Ranger-Fighter, Drizzt Do’Urden. However, after a year in Draygo’s cell, Jarlaxle Baenre, the powerful neutral-aligned drow mercenary, managed to free him.

Draygo was Netherese, the human race of dark souls who typically had pale, white skin and dark black hair. These human variants originated in Netheril.

I recently made Draygo Quick a non-appearing NPC, meaning he was part of the adventure but not “in it.”  I used him to serve as the dark overlord who is attempting to create a dread domain within a dark forest in the feywild. Again, while he does not appear in the adventure, his minions do, which included Zekyl drow and evil, female moon elf druids.


Effron Alegni, known in the Shadowfell as the “The Twisted”, is a fairly powerful warlock. He served under Draygo. Effron is a half-elf half-tiefling.  Physically, Effron is unusual and this can add some nice flavor to his appearance. He’s short, thin and pale and does not embody the attributes of vigor and stamina. Quite the opposite. He also has two different colored eyes, a feature of the unusual mixed race that he is. He has black and violet-colored hair and large tiefling horns. Alsop, his left arm is paralyzed and seems to drag behind him as he walks. All this adds real nice flavor to any NPC.


This powerful human warlock dwells in the Sword Coast region. Handsome, highly charismatic and physically strong, Ammon can be depicted as the anti-warlock, one who embodies the physical prowess of a brute fighter, yet still has the refined, charismatic and esoteric characteristics of more common warlocks. I like this combination because it allows you to mold the NPC as Witch Hunter-type player that combines martial might with dark magic.


Nostura of Neverwinter is perhaps one of the less obscure wizard/warlocks of Forgotten Realms. Nostura is a member of the Many-Starred Cloak, which is a group of, mostly Wizards, in Neverwinter. She was one of the powerful figures who was pulled into the Far Realm during the Spellplague.  She would go on to forge a pact with archfey. When the Spellplague hit, she was pulled into the Far Realm along with many of her fellow wizards. Nostura is apparently powerful enough to rule over a demiplane within the feywild. She appears human and looks powerful and wicked. Forgotten realms imagines her with ornate, reddish-grey robes and an elaborately-carved wooden helm that mimics small elk antlers.


Makos is a neutral evil tiefling warlock also from the River District of Neverwinter. His legend goes, Makos grew up as a poor, outcast  tiefling on the streets of Neverwinter. Desperate and wanting to change his status in society, he ended up befriending and making a pact with Arikas. After strengthening his powers over decades, Makos became involved in the Siege of Neverwinter. Incredibly, through his powerful determination, Makos went up against dracolich who was in servitude to Valindra Shadowmantle. After defeating it, Makos then promptly bound its soul to prevent the creature from ever returning again. This impressive act established Makos’s prowess and influence in and around the Sword Coast of Faerûn.


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