The following are a list of common issues and questions about using Roleplayers Network.

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Q: What is Roleplayers Network?

A: Roleplayers Network is a social platform designed exclusively for serious Roleplaying Game enthusiasts.

Q: How does it work?

A: You choose which profile is best for you, Publisher or Player, and register. Once you confirm the registration you may login, customize your profile and start building your network of RPG DMs/GMs, gameplay experts, other players and fans.

Q: Why would I join Roleplayers Network?

A: If you’re a RPG/D&D enthusiast and you want to be a part of a large networked community of other players, DMs, gameplay experts and content publishers, all centered around fantasy gaming.


Q: How do I …

Create Groups or Join One

Publish and Build Followers

As a Publisher, write and share your love and expertise for Fantasy Gaming.

Explore, engage, promote!

Network with other RPG Fans

Create your own network. Follow Fantasy RPG writers and other gamers. Share your feed, join groups and more.

Share and interact!

Why Join?

Create your profile and build your  followers. Get access to articles, commentary, reviews and more, all focused on Fantasy Gaming.

It’s 100% Free.